“IF the Poet will show you that poetry is alive and well and angry and maybe… the most relevant thing in the entire universe.”

    Brad Oswald, Winnipeg Free Press

    IF THE POET is the acclaimed CBC Doc chronicling IF’s poetic journey, from his ‘terrifying’ slam debut at age of 50 and culminating in his quest to win the World Cup of Slam Poetry in Paris, France. It was produced by Toronto-based filmmaker, Kim Saltarski.

    It is also the touching story of the unlikely relationship between 54-year-old IF and his poetic coach and mentor, the renown 29-year-old Ghanaian-Canadian poet and recording artist Ian Keteku, who IF calls “Canada’s greatest living poet”.

    From IF’s ADHD-fueled youth, run-ins with the police, and intense struggle to escape secondary school with a sliver of self-worth, to his becoming a successful entrepreneur and father and becoming one of Canada’s most highly decorated and recognized Performance Poets

    IF THE POET is a captivating, unflinching look IF’s obsession with spoken word and the price he has paid for that obsession as he transforms his personal demons into poetic anthems.  It shares the mesmerizing evolution of IF and Keteku’s friendship as they practice, bleed, sweat, and bond in preparation for the World Championship.

    The film tracks IF’s embarrassingly awful slam debut, through to becoming a member of 2013 National Championship Toronto Slam Team and winning the 2014 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championship in Vancouver.  It climaxes at the World Cup of Slam Poetry in Paris, France where IF bares his soul on stage in his attempt to become the oldest person to ever win the ultimate crown of slam poetry.

    IF THE POET is a cinematic ride into the wild heart of Slam Poetry where poets have 3 minutes and 10 seconds to seduce, mesmerize and impress a raucous crowd of rhyme junkies, hipsters, Hip Hop heads, and… 5 randomly selected judges.   You’ll meet the wonderfully weird stars of the Canadian and International Slam Poetry scene for whom sex, sasquatches, race riots and rap, are all fair game for their poetic assault.  They include Porsha O (USA), Catherine Belleau-Arsenault (Quebec), German Lukomnikov (Russia) and Clotilde de Brito (France).